5 Points To Understand Recognition To The Escort Business in India

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Hello, friends welcome to our escorts Chandigarh agency blog. Friends, you must have often wondered whether our government will ever give legal recognition to the escort business or not. Friends, if the government recognizes the escort business, then what will be its effect? Escort business is running in India even before independence. Even the signs of prostration were prevalent in the Harappan Civilization. Prostitution used to be at its peak even in the Rigvedic period. In such a situation, we can say that Prostitution has been going on in India for centuries.

Even today escort business is flourishing in India. Thousands of escort agencies provide escort services in the biggest cities of India. We have also been providing escort service in Chandigarh. Let us know how the government can open new employment opportunities in the country through escort businesses.

Why Should the Indian Government Legalize Escorts Business?

  1. Government Can Register Agencies and Call Girls

By giving legal recognition to the escort business, the government can open new employment opportunities. With this, the escort agencies working without registration will be registered by the government. The government can also register the call girls through the license. In such a situation, all the call girls will not only get registered but can also take advantage of government schemes.

 2. Girls Trafficking Will Be Stopped

Friends, after getting legal recognition, illegal purchases of girls will be banned. In today’s time, every year thousands of girls from countries like Nepal are brought to India for escort business and prostration. After getting legal recognition, such incidents will come down. Also, girls who want to join the escort businesses in the country can get themselves registered by the government. In such a situation, we can say that this will significantly reduce the kidnapping and trafficking of little girls.

3. Regular Medical Checkups of our Escorts Chandigarh

After getting legal recognition, the government will have a lot of help in the prevention of diseases like HIV and AIDS. Medical tests of registered escorts will be conducted from time to time. In such a situation, the government will be successful to a great extent in preventing diseases like STDs and AIDS.

4. Escort Business is Billion Dollar Industry

Escort business is a business of billions. In such a situation, after giving legal recognition to this business, the government will have more opportunities for tax collection. Government can earn thousands of crores by recognizing this business.

5. New Jobs Will Be Created by Escorts Chandigarh

Thousands of youth will get new employment from the escorts Chandigarh businesses. especially girls. Girls can join the escort businesses as per their wishes. So we can say that it will open new opportunities for girls.

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