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Welcome to our blog on the erotic stories of call girls in Chandigarh. This erotic story is based on the true experience of our Chandigarh escort Emily.

Monday mornings are always hectic and make me feel bored. After spending a great Sunday with my friends, making my mood to work on Monday becomes challenging. But, working for a career is an undeniable truth, and one needs to accept it as soon as possible. I am Emily, an
independent woman with a husband and a strict professional. I am a psychologist, and I deal
with numerous patients a day. It makes me meet new people and allows me to explore the various kinds of problems people suffer. These Days, John has become hectic as my personal
life is itself torturing me. Being a psychologist, it is my job to treat my parents for hours.

Erotic Story of Emily – An Escort in Chandigarh

There are numerous mental therapies that I have to conduct to take care of my patients and
make them feel relieved. But, my husband John does not like it. He always comp-lain about my unavailability when he needs me. But the harsh truth is., he never really was there for me. It has been six years since my marriage, and we have not planned for our family. We rarely go on romantic dates and enjoy time together for dinners and parties. It makes me nostalgic to know that my husband gets no time to look at me. We got hitched after sharing a relationship of 6 months. But I always feel that it was a decision taken out of emotions and not Brian’s.

Hence, we took our lives on different paths, which made us harsh on each other. We rarely
communicate as all of our discussions end up with arguments. We fight often and talk shit to
each other, which can never be replaced. Anyways, this emotional breakdown due to my harsh and dull married life goes away when I meet one of my patients, Harry. Harry is one of my favorite humans who has everything I could ever crave. We met for the first time in my clinic when he reached out to me with his anxiety issues. His personal life hasn’t been on the right track for a long time. And that is why he chose me to make his mind clear of unnecessary thoughts and chaos. Read more such erotic stories at Chandigarh escorts.

Harry has a soothing personality. Whenever I talk to him, I feel as if I’m undergoing therapy for myself. We have met multiple times since then for various treatments and activities. And every time she comes to my clinic, we share a great bond. Last night, it was Sunday. My husband was out on a business trip, and I was alone. I was sipping coffee on my balcony as my phone rang, and guess what? It was Harry! It’s not just that my mobile was ringing, but my heart was pounding and skipping on beats.

Harry told me he was alone and not feeling well. He asked if I could meet him and make him
feel a little better with some discussions and soothing conversations. I called him home as I was alone, and it was Sunday, so the clinic was also closed. Harry took not more than 15 minutes to reach my residence. I made him coffee, but he demanded wine. It was the first time he complimented me so gracefully. I was wearing my lingerie which was way too sexy. And Harry could not control it. We had a great conversation and felt relieved.

I could not control myself but talk to him about my personal life and my husband’s relationship. It was when we both agreed with each other and tried to make each other feel comfortable. Harry left no space of hesitation form, e. He was so welcoming and warm. He just kept his hand on my thighs to make me feel relaxed. And again, as soon she touched me, I was out of my mind. While taking a sip of wine with him, I realized his gray eyes were too mesmerizing to make me fall for him. I went closer, and he also could not resist. He held my waist and pulled me closer to him.

Slowly, he took a sip of wine and touched my lips. That’s when I drank a glass from his lips. It
was so amazing. He then continued kissing my lips; oh god! It was too hard. We were so close
as no air could pass by. And soon, he said, I’m in love with each inch of your body. I love you,
Emily. And Harry and I could not control ourselves. It was my blue couch, and we were all
naked. He bent over and licked my pussy so well. I had never been so wet ever before. My
heart was not in my control. My mind was all filled with romantic and lustful desires. I was only looking for a unique sensual experience with Harry, who is not just a patient but my closest friend.

This time, we were all shameless. He fingered my pussy slowly and pressed my huge boob with his hand. I was thrilled with this. Soon he came up to suck my boobs, and his mouth was licking my boobs, and his fingers were inside me. I could not do anything but keep on moaning loudly. It was a true orgasm for which I have craved for a long. The way Harry was treating me, it is evident that I have always wanted. He fucked me; he fucked me so bad. We released all our bad energy and spent the most unforgettable time with each other. The couch was shaking as he was in full power.

He kept on fuckling me till I realized it was 5 hours, and we were making intense love
shamelessly. I took his big bold dick to my mouth and sucked it like it was my favorite ice cream. Harry later kissed my forehead and told me in my ears, hey Emily; you are everything I want; I love you, sexy babe. Harry and I shared the most exotic moments I always wanted to share with my husband. The best part of this experience is that I never felt guilty about it. Though I cheated on my husband, the way Harry treated me, the way I felt, is much more than him. Sometimes, excellent erotic sex can add so much to your energy.

Today, I can proudly say harry is the man I would love to get fucked by all my life as he has
added so much to my life and boosted my libido to another level. I would love to share this
message with all the beautiful ladies and make love fearlessly. Love is the language we all
should speak and celebrate. I found you harry. I hope you also find the right guy for your dream sex date.

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