Sexual Encounter with a Prostitute in Baina Goa

Read about my sexual encounter with a prostitute in Baina Goa. This story is based on my true experience with a prostitute in Baina Goa. You all know about Baina is a famous place in Goa known for international prostitutes and escorts. So you will definitely love my sexual encounter with a prostitute. Read more stories here.

When you live in India, going on a trip to Goa is no less than a dream. Baina is a famous place to find international call girls in Goa. I am Harsh, a 22 years old guy who always remains excited to explore various corners of the world. I love to travel and meet new people I can make fun of. It is my favorite hobby to travel. And that is why I was very excited to travel to Goa. Last year, my friends and I were very happy to go to Goa. We were all set to plan a trip. But, we were hesitant as our parents would not allow us to go on a trip. We used to wonder what could be their weapons for not allowing us to go to Goa.

sexual experience with a prostitutes in goa

Goa is known for being a major city that is near sea level. The beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, amazing churches, and lots of dancing pubs. Goa has everything to make a trip successful. And that is why we were curious to go there. So a few of my friends and I decided to lie at home on a college trip and moved to Goa. This trip got successful as our parents could not catch us while being in Goa. We enjoyed it a lot. Numerous casinos and pubs attracted us and made us feel the pleasure associated with immense exploration. I got to meet various new guys and girls. Book Chandigarh Escorts at our website.

An unforgettable sexual experience at Baina Goa changed my life

Yes, the beauty of Goa is not its scenic view but the gorgeous ladies. They look so stunning in bikinis. Their sexy figures, pleasing body shape, luscious looks, and captivating personality made me feel sexually active. But I had no option but to control my sexual desires and focus on my trip. No girl was ready for a nightstand or a hook update. And that is when one of my friends suggested that I visit the red light area of Goa, Blaina, Goa. The sex workers would be lazy and boring in a red light area. I was not very much excited about the place and the girls there. But, my sexual cravings took me there in no time.

a night with a call girls in Baina Goa

When I entered the area around Baina, I found it a low spot, shady place. But, the more I used to enter the streets, the more cheerful that area looked to me. The Sexiest of the girls were there who were calling me. These Girls were super adorable. Their gorgeous figure and huge boobs were making me wet. I was unable to control myself, and then my eyes were attracted to a young, beautiful, and innocent-looking girl. She was standing right at the door of her brothel. Her dress was very captivating. She looked mesmerizing with hazel eyes, brown hair, and the sexiest body shape. When she called me towards her, I could not get results and ran towards her and held her waist. And that’s when she sucked my lips and made me feel shivers and goosebumps.

My Sexual Experience with a Prostitute in Baina Goa

I was on the seventh heaven when she asked me for a sex date. Soon I went to her bedroom; it was filled with sexually arousing posters. She pushed me on the bed and slowly removed her clothes. I held her hand and tried to open her bra with my teeth. Her inflated sexy boobs, oh my god! They were so damn big. I soon put my hands in her pink panty, and her soft pussy was so wet. My dick was all erected high, and just wanted to shoot inside her. But, we both were very excited for oral sexual experience before moaning on the sex beats. I fingered her pussy; she was moaning loudly, Ahh!

We had a 69 position when she was sicking my big dark dick for so long and making me feel uncontrollable. We then fucked each other hard. We tried more than seven sex positions together and kept fucking and licking each other for so long. I do not remember how I cum inside her pussy while fuckingĀ  her many times. I forgot everything when she was in my arms, all nude. This experience was worth celebrating. Though the red light area of Baina, Goa, is known only for sex., I found the love and the sexiness that it was craving for a long. We were so busy making out that we could not even get time to ask each other’s names.

And she never treated me like a client but loved me and kissed me as she fell in love with me. I still remember the fragrance of her body, and my entire body smelled like her when I was out of her room. She was the most charismatic girl I have ever come across. I don’t know when I will go again, but I will always choose to go to Baina to meet that sexiest lady whenever I go. The thought I had of sex workers at red lights being uneducated and shabby was no more than a myth. My first sex experience with a red light girl in Goa was worth memorable. I would never be able to forget this dreamy sex encounter with Goa’s most intelligent and beautiful girl.

My goa trip will always be the most precious memory of my life as it boosted my libido and took my ex’s life to the right track. I would always make my friends visit such red lights as sex workers as they are so good on bed and can make you feel the exposure of heaven right in the Baina, Goa. This is my story of a sexual encounter with a prostitute in Baina Goa.

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