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Are you looking for Top Red Light Areas in India? If so then this post will take you to the places where you can easily find call girls in India. There are plenty of red light areas in India. These red light areas have call girls from Chandigarh, Nepal, Bengal, Kashmir, Delhi, and other parts of India. So there are plenty of choices that you got in these red-light areas. So let’s move to our list of the most famous red-light areas in India.

Sonagachi, Kolkata – Sonagachi is a world-famous red light area based in the West Bengal state of India. This place is a real deal if you are looking for cheap and best-call girls or prostitutes in the city. Sonagachi has more than ten thousand prostitutes working day and night to satisfy their client’s needs. You can go to Sonagachi and enjoy yourself with any one of those prostitutes. This place has prostitutes from Bengal, UP, Bihar, Delhi, Nepal, etc.

GB Road, Delhi – Gb Road is the famous red light area in the capital city of India. It is located just on New Delhi Railway Station, Ajmeri Gate side. You can navigate to this place easily. All you have to do is just exit from Ajmeri Gate side from NDLS Railway station. It is just 100 mt away from the railway station. This place is easy to access and is quite safe as compared to other red light areas in India. There are more than 100 Kotha’s located in this place. And the most famous Kotha is Kotha No 64, 65, 66, 70, and 74. These Kotha’s have some of the most beautiful prostitutes from Nepal. If you want pink pus** Kotha No 64 is for you.

Let’s give you an idea of charges charged by prostitutes in Kotha No 64. For 1 shot they usually charge between INR 320 to INR 360. For 1 hour they charge INR 900 to INR 1000. And for the whole night, their charges are from INR 2000 to INR 5000. You can also enjoy our escorts in Delhi.

Meergunj, Allahabad – Meergunj is the famous place to find prostitutes in Allahabad. It is easy to reach the place from Allahabad Railway Station. This place has around three thousand prostitutes. Many prostitutes are from the nearby district of UP and Nepal. Their charges are cheap and negotiable. You can get a shot at just INR 250. But this place has some of the most beautiful prostitutes from Nepal too. You can easily find them on the roadside in Meergunj.

Kamathipura, Mumbai – Kamathipura is a red light area known for thousands of cheap prostitutes in Mumbai. A red light area where you can easily find a local prostitute from Maharashtra. One of the best things about Kamathipura is that it is a safe and easy-to-reach place. You will find many prostitutes from Maharashtra, Delhi, Nepal, Bengal. So it’s easy to navigate to this place and enjoy your time.

These four places are the best-known places for finding prostitutes in India. It is advisable to always use condoms while having sex with a prostitute. So guys in this post we have given you the list of four best red light areas in India.

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